Born in Brisbane, raised in northern NSW and now living and working in south east Queensland, Scotty is a passionate individual who, when he’s not managing a climbing facility, can generally be found hanging out at super icy crags or packing his bags for obscure mountain objectives.

A family orientated man influenced by a childhood full of visits to wild places, he’s driven to see communities grow and take up their potential. It’s not surprising that he highly values the significance rock climbing as a sport and recreational activity can bring to a person’s personal journey. Officially opening up his climbing account in 2007 with a dodgy roped climb at the infamous Kangaroo Point crag, Scotty has gone on to develop his love of climbing through getting involved in countless sport climbing competitions, taking on plenty of multi-pitch and multi-terrain epics and ticking off close to five thousand individual belay demos for climbers inside and out. Managing The Rock Indoor Climbing Gym in QLD for the past 8 years has allowed him interaction with a variety of fantastic climbers and industry experts which in turn has given him the opportunity to become well versed in many facets of climbing; actually correction, not well versed in his own ability to actually climb really hard routes – first to admit he still hasn’t mastered that. By educating, coaching, facilitating and managing risk, he gets psyched on people of all abilities achieving what they use to only dream about. Known to some as The Enabler*, Scotty is not adverse to making bold decisions, owning mistakes with transparency and ultimately pushing hard towards a well respected objective. Although being a safe and dependable climbing partner out there on adventures, he does have a large streak of pioneering in his blood. So generally things don’t progress as expected, however he’ll guarantee you’ll never be on your own. On paper, officially he’s made his way through a stack of certificates and diplomas in all things ropes and people. Lastly he’s keen, not naive, in seeing climbing take its rightful position in the sporting hall of fame, all whilst the recreational elements of climbing co- exists to inspire, lure dirt bags, provoke sandbagging and be enjoyed by a full gamut of skilled individuals.  

*The Enabler; verb, enables things to happen; enables others to achieve outcomes; noun; enabled - example of usage; – “He enabled the setter to fix a route by offering a t-Bar”.

*Won’t actually find this in the dictionary :)

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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