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 Lead - Bouldering - Speed


Sam Lavender - Queensland (North)

What sparked your interest in climbing and how long have you been climbing?

Climbing sparked my interest because of its individuality and strenuous problem solving. I have been climbing for about 4 years

Your home gym?

Hot Rock Adventure Centre

What are you proud of achieving so far and what are your goals?

I'm proud of all the moments were i can see progress in my climbing from all my training. My long term goals are to compete in bouldering World Cups and make semis or finals. 

Do you have any idols?

My coach and successful world cup competitors

Do you have a fun fact about, a food you can’t go without, pre competition superstitions or routines?

Very superstitious about my preparation leading up to a competition.

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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