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 Lead - Bouldering - Speed


 Leah Jeffries - New South Wales

What sparked your interest in climbing and how long have you been climbing?

I have always had a passion for climbing, when I was younger I used to climb the trees in my backyard all the time. I was first introduced to the sport at age 8, I had a party at (Hangdog) my local gym. I instantly fell in love with the sport after being able to rainbow up the steep overhang. I have been climbing for over 4years now and competing for 3.


What is your home gym?


Dynomite climbing gym and Villawood indoor climbing gym


What are you proud of achieving so far and what are your goals?


Coming second in lead and boulder nationals and Making it to world youth championships last year and this year, making open boulder finals and the open bouldering team.

Do you have any idols?

Alex Honnold and Monique Forestier

Do you have any sponsors?


I am very luck to have BJC health sponsoring and helping me remain injury free. I am also sponsored by dynomite and Villawood.


Fun fact


I could tie into a rope to scale a wall before I could tie my shoelaces.

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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