Ben Abel - Junior Boulder

My love for the sport started when the gym in my home town opened up and I was hooked by my first visit. I’ve been competing in climbing comps for 4 years. 

I work and climb at Pulse Climbing in Newcastle.

My favourite achievement is competing in Japan boulder world cup 2016 and wining a dual national title for boulder and lead in age group for 2015. 

My idol is Alex Megos, his attitude towards the sport and the way he trains keeps me motivated and inspired. 


I am currently sponsored by Climbing anchors, Climb ICP and Pulse Climbing. I'm so thankful for my sponsors that I get to continue competing and doing what I love! 


Fun fact about me, when I compete I like to have a Rubik’s cube with me. It helps me get into my zone, taking all the worries off me that I don’t need. 

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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